What is a gTLD?

A generic Top Level Domain ("gTLD") represents the characters to the immediate right of the "." in the full address path of a domain name (www.domain.UNO). All top level domains are goverened under the authority of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") as part of the Domain Name System ("DNS").

When will the new gTLDs will be available for registration?

Availability will vary across new gTLDs and availability is based on a specific gTLD's launch schedule, as approved by ICANN. For more information, please visit ICANN's approved launch page for gTLD's at: http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/sunrise-claims-periods

What is a Domain Pre-Registration?

The general public may have the opportunity to secure domain names prior to General Availability through certain domain registrars who offer pre-registrations, both paid and free. Please note that Landrush pre-registrations are typically higher in price than General Availability pre-registrations.

How do I pre-register a domain name?

Search for the desired name, check "Add" next to the domain name and proceed to "Checkout" and then fill in your basic contact information to create your Domainia account.

What is Landrush and what happens during this launch phase?

Landrush is the general public's opportunity to file an application for a highly desireable domain name for a premium price. A potential registrant will file an application with Domainia. Domainia will then submit the application for a domain name to the registry. Once Landrush is over, all applications will be evaluated by the registry and any applications with 2 or more applicants for the same domain name will go to private auction and will be awarded to the highest bidder. Should you not obtain the domain in auction, if applicable, a full refund will be given for your application.

Does Domainia offers other services?

Domainia will offer other services that are complimentary to your domain name registration soon, such as hosting, website design, email, etc.

What is a Premium Domain?

A premium domain is a domain that has been previously registered, often because it has the potential of becoming a memorable web address. Premium domains have high marketing potential and many of them already receive significant traffic.

When you buy a premium domain, it is placed into your Domainia account, usually within ten to twenty days.

Premium domains are also often referred to as: aftermarket domains, secondary market domains, high-value domains, great domains, or top domain. Domainia is under contract with Sedo.com and Afternic to offer Premium Domain names.

How do I disable Auto-Renew for my domain registration?

All domain registrations are set to auto-renew by default. To disable auto-renew for a domain registration, please log into your Domainia Account; go to “My Domains,” select the domain you wish to disable auto-renew on; click on “Manage Domain” for that domain name; select the “Auto-Renew” tab; and then click on “Disable Auto-Renew.”